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Who does Magda’s Cleaning hire to clean my home?

Magda’s Cleaning team is made up of trained, trusted, and friendly cleaning professionals. If you decide to become a regular client, we intentionally have the same team of cleaners clean your house because they will be aware of your preferences, layout of your house, and specific needs, together, resulting in a more efficient and comfortable cleaning experience.

How much does it cost to have my home cleaned?

At Magda’s Cleaning we stress flexibility in order to cater to the specific need of our customers. As a result, the cost of having your home cleaned is determined by many factors during the first consultation, including, but not limited to, size of house, specific needs, and condition of the house prior to cleaning. Please give us a call or e-mail us to set up a meeting to receive your free quote!

Do I provide my own cleaning supplies or equipment?

We provide our own standard basket of cleaning products and equipment that gets the job done. However, we understand that families and individuals have specific needs and preferences (ie. allergy, children). Furthermore, we are open and more than happy to use any cleaning materials or equipment that you provide to clean your home.

Does Magda’s Cleaning offer move-in/out services?

We do! Please e-mail or call us to schedule a consultation.
Client Testimonial

“For the past four years we’ve been very satisfied with Magda’s Cleaning Service. Her crew is very thorough and pleasant to work with. Magdas. I highly recommend Magda’s Cleaning.”
Jeffrey K.

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